Preventive & periodontal care

Prevent problems, avoid surprises

Preventive dental practices can save you from pain, expense, and time in the dental chair. Dr. Thor Anderson, along with his assistants and hygienists, will help you prevent the need for extensive dental work by conducting your thorough oral examination and teeth cleaning twice each year. By regularly assessing your teeth, jaw, and gums, we can find and treat problems before they escalate and cause more damage. If we find occlusal or periodontal issues, we can offer conservative, prompt therapy to ensure your return to complete oral health, comfort, and wellness.

These preventive and periodontal services will keep your smile fresh and functional:

Bruxism/TMJ appliances

Help for clenching & grinding

Athletic mouthguards

Protect teeth while you play

Periodontal therapy

Prevent & treat gum disease

Other periodontal procedures

Get specialized gum care