Root canals

Maintain your bite & smile

Most patients don’t realize that a root canal can actually save a tooth from extraction, and modern techniques make endodontic procedures more comfortable than ever. Some patients actually sleep through their root canals! Dr. Anderson will recommend a root canal only when necessary, because we believe in conservative dentistry. In some cases, a root canal is the conservative option.

When a tooth’s nerve (pulp) is damaged beyond repair, it can cause the tooth to die and pose a risk for infection. During a root canal, Dr. Anderson removes the damaged pulp and fills the root’s canal with manmade material. A successful root canal will allow a patient to retain a tooth that is not actually living. The patient’s bite and smile, therefore, are not altered.

If you have been told that you need a root canal, and you’d like a second opinion, or if you have inexplicable tooth pain, call Dr. Anderson to schedule a consultation. He will determine if a root canal is the best, most conservative option for your unique case. Our Stoughton dental office serves patients in Madison, Janesville, and surrounding areas.