Dentures, partials, bridges & implant restorations

Rebuild your comfortable, beautiful smile

Missing teeth can cause a world of problems for patients, from impaired speech and chewing ability to low self-confidence. As Dr. Thor Anderson‘s patient, you will have a variety of prosthetic options to restore your full, functional, natural-looking smile. We offer dentures to replace many missing teeth, or partials to replace staggered missing teeth. A bridge can replace a single tooth or a row of teeth. The labs Dr. Anderson works with use only the finest, light-reflecting materials and non-metal clasps for the ultimate aesthetic results.

The most lifelike prosthetic in dentistry today is the dental implant. Anchored by an implanted titanium screw, dental implants mimic natural tooth structure in that they have a root and a crown. To place your implant post, Dr. Anderson will work closely with a trusted oral surgeon. After the jaw integrates the post, Dr. Anderson will place an aesthetic crown in our Stoughton dental office. You will regain full function and the ability to eat any food, any time. Dental implants require no special care, so simply brush, floss, and come in for bi-annual cleanings and checkups.

You deserve a full, beautiful, strong smile with comfortable function, so schedule your visit with Dr. Anderson today. We help patients in the greater Madison, Edgerton, Evansville, McFarland, Oregon, Janesville, or South Central Wisconsin area regain quality of life with aesthetic prosthetics.