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Drink water to help protect your teeth

For more than 70 years, communities in the United States have benefited from community water fluoridation, the process of adding a small amount of fluoride to public water supplies to achieve a level known to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Almost all water contains some naturally occurring fluoride, but usually at levels too low to prevent tooth decay. Fluoridated water is effective, because it keeps a low level of fluoride in the mouth—specifically in the dental plaque and saliva—all day. Even with the use of other fluoride products, such as toothpaste and mouth rinses, fluoridated water reduces tooth decay by […]

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Set Healthy Limits on Juice

Juice is high in sugar and calories; water and milk are always the best options for your children. In fact, if your child is under one year of age, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests completely removing juice from his or her diet. Children ages 1-6 should have no more than 4-6 oz. of juice each day, according to pediatric guidelines. Children ages 7 to 18 should drink no more than 8-12 oz. (Many juice boxes are about 6 oz. in size, so younger children should have no more than one per day, and older children no more than two.) Allowing your child […]

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