Six ways to prevent tooth decay in children

  1. Care, don’t share
    Don’t share utensils with your child or “clean” a
    pacifier by putting it in your mouth. You can
    transfer cavity-causing germs to your child.
  2. Eat healthy and drink fluoridated water
    Get fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  3. First dental visit no later than age 1
    Your child’s baby teeth are at risk for decay as soon
    as they first appear—which is typically around age
    six months.
  4. Seal out decay
    Ask your dentist about applying dental sealants to
    chewing surfaces of teeth.
  5. Use fluoride toothpaste as soon as teeth come through the gums.
    Most children age 6 and under are not effective
    enough to manage brushing alone. We recommend
    young children practice brushing their own teeth first
    with parents finishing up.
  6. Call Yahara Dental to schedule a preventative exam.

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